Google serves up the Top 10 sites to avoid at all costs

Google serves up the Top 10 sites to avoid at all costs

Google’s security team has identified the current Top 10 malware sites in the world. The list reads like a rogue’s gallery of the darker side of the web. Sites listed generally use ‘drive-by downloading’ to install and run malware on vistors’ computers automatically. To make things worse many of these domains are linked through to via advertising and other third party content on a vast number of high-traffic websites.

Current king of malware is, one of 1400 Chinese-registered domains on Google’s list. Their figures counted 60,000 sites infected with its payload which according to this account injects malicious Javascript code into every HTML file it can find. Meanwhile, and were two of a number of sites trying to fool people into believing they were visiting a Google site.

Malware infections are a growing problem. Popular celebrity gossip site Digital Spy had to apologise this week after it inadvertently served up malware in banner ads.


[Via Google Security blog]

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