Two new Bing commercials…

Two new Bing commercials…

Yesterday we showed you the first Microsoft Bing commercial. We didn’t like it and neither did you. Today we have two new commercials which are, better. Yes, we have to admit, this is starting to look like something.

Could it be that Microsoft has a new “First announce shit, follow up with improved shit” strategy? They show us something dreadful which every blogger jumps on and then follow up with something which is better. We, the bloggers, users and Twitters, have to admit then that the second version is better. Result: more PR and readers are left with the memory of the second, more positive, review.

In these new ads Microsoft focuses on the downside of keyword based search. It limits the output. This isn’t necessarily a Google problem though: all search results improve radically when you use more than two keywords in your search. Still, these ads look more like they could be part of a campaign with a philosophy behind it than the cut and paste, no character, stock video mash-up we saw yesterday.

Check them out and share your opinion!

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