Happn.in is Twitter trends for your city.

Happn.in is Twitter trends for your city.


Twitter trends can be useful, particularly when not flooded with various hash tags or game memes. However, as the status updating phenomenon has grown, its usefulness on a more local scale has diminished, cue Happn.in.

Happn.in, an obvious play on ‘happening’, is a site that tracks discussion topics on Twitter within selected cities. The site is currently tracking over 50 cities from across the globe and if there’s a location missing, you can file a request for it to be included.

The homepage is filled with the top five trending topics for each city, by clicking on a particular topic you can see recent tweets for each – giving you an idea as to why they’re popular. It would be cool to see integration with whatthetrend.com to give a more conclusive reason as to why the topic trending, but the tweets are fine for now.


Each city has it’s own happn.in URL with recent tweets about each trending topic, (a few examples: London, Amsterdam, SF) and each has their own Twitter profile too.

By the looks of things, the site is aiming to cover costs and possibly a little money too by permitting sponsorship for each individual page.

It’s a neat idea, and although I rarely follow bots on Twitter – I made this an exception.

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