Voxeo acquires IMified, IMify your self-service apps

Voxeo acquires IMified, IMify your self-service apps

Whilst half of the world (or, if you believe in TechCrunch, even the entire universe) is flabbergasted about Google’s plans to release a new communication platform and a tiny rest tries to find out about Bing, the Orlando based speech application hosting folks at Voxeo acquired IMified.


Voxeo has essentially been known for being one of the largest speech self-services application hosting shops in the world. Beginning with their last year acquisition of VoiceObjects they’ve aggressively started to transition into becoming a unified real-time communications app specialist.

According to Voxeo’s blog post regarding the acquisition

“IMified provides a simple, scalable web-based platform for creating and hosting interactive instant messaging (IM) agents (Bots) that can interact with all the public IM networks, including AIM (AOL), GTalk (Google), MSN (Microsoft) and Yahoo. Building, managing, and scaling an interactive IM application or “bot” has traditionally been a complex and frustrating task. IMified’s platform removes the complexity and provides a simple yet powerful solution.”

Essentially this means that in the very near future Voxeo developers can leverage Instant Messaging as another channel from within their existing applications. For a long time developing sophisticated telephony applications did mean you had to learn VoiceXML and CCXML. It is important to note that with the introduction of Tropo.com earlier this year, Voxeo took away the burden of learning yet another language and provided APIs for Groovy, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby programmers.


A full integration of the IMified platform could potentially open up a whole new world of real-time interactive applications.

Give it a try and let us know!

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