WWDC Session Times

WWDC Session Times


Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is on the horizon. Well, you likely don’t need us to tell you that. What we did find noteworthy is that Jeff LaMarche, author of the best-selling book on iPhone development, crafted a tricky Ruby script which grabs the WWDC session time and room information from Apple’s website and outputs it into a convenient HTML table.

Officially the data has not yet been published, so give it a try to get a draft of your personal schedule ready. Be aware of changes, though!


The scripts no longer work. Hope you had fun for the time it has lasted. In Jeff’s words:

Well, that didn’t last long. Apparently, Apple didn’t want us having access to the session date, time, and room information yet. The JSON feed for the session website has been changed so the previously posted scripts no longer work.

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