Enternships: A startup focusing on internships at startups

Enternships: A startup focusing on internships at startups

picture-1310Not every student or young person is after a job at a multinational corporation expanding through continents with chains of command  longer than than the Queen’s family tree.

Some are looking for close relationships with smaller companies and their founders, looking for experience with petite but fast growing firms who are fighting for their place in the marketplace.  Enternships is one such company, and interestingly it aims to set interns up with other such companies.


Launched last month, Enternships.com acts a matchmaking service between startups/SMBs and interns. Similar to many dating sites, both parties fill out a profile and publicise what they are looking

The site and idea has been developed by former members of Oxford Entrepreneurs, a student society for entrepreneurship at Oxford University. Currently still in beta, the service is free of charge, however once out of beta the service will provide premium features to both parties.

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