The most creative desktop wallpaper yet.

The most creative desktop wallpaper yet.

Zack Shackleton is one creative fella. Combining a Spiderman strip with various tools for the Mac, he’s managed to create one of the most creative desktop wallpapers we’ve even seen.

Each speech bubble is filled with useful information, from calendar and RAM to your todo list and internet speed. (details of how to create your own after the jump)

On his Flickr page he explains how it was all done:

“I created the desktop background in photoshop so if you would like me to post it just let me know. The dock is hidden in the bottom right corner. If you have any questions I’ll gladly answer to the best of my capabilities. The os x taskbar is changed with Magnifique using the UNO-AE theme”



Yahoo Widgets

Weather Widget

Battery Widget



Geek Tool Commands
Top Processes
top -FR -l2 -o cpu | grep -v 0.0% | cut -c 7-24| sed -n ’15, $p’

date “+%l:%M”

date +%p

Date Number
date +%d

date +%B

date +%A


To Do List
Create a text file with TextEdit but make sure you click Format>Make Plain Text before save. Then select the file in path in GeekTool.

uptime | awk ‘{print “” $3 ” ” $4 ” ” $5 }’ | sed -e ‘s/.$//g’;

top -l 1 | awk ‘/PhysMem/ {print “” $8 ” “}’ ;

top -l 2 | awk ‘/CPU usage/ && NR > 5 {print $12, $13}’

Hard Drive Space
df -h | grep disk0s2 | awk ‘{print $4 }’

The Text Uptime, CPU, RAM, HDD Space
Another text file, remember have to Make Plain Text before saving

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