Digg removes ‘shouts’ and adopts ‘retweets’

Digg removes ‘shouts’ and adopts ‘retweets’

At a Digg Townhall meeting yesterday Kevin Rose and CEO Jay Adelson announced that they are planning to remove the ‘Shout’ option from Digg and offer a new share option to “streamline your ability to share on Facebook and Twitter.”

Good riddance if you ask me because the only shout’s I ever received were basically spam. Digg has been actively focusing on introducing new features and focusing on innovation which is a good thing. As you can see in the below graph Twitter has passed Digg in visits last months:

A few days ago I posted about the benefit of getting retweeted versus dugg. It seems Digg came to a similar conclusion long before I did and started working on new features to take better advantage of the microblogging phenomena.

Check out this extensive review and in-depth analysis on RWW about the move from Shouts to Tweets and Facebook status updates.

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