Checking the weather online has never been this simple

Checking the weather online has never been this simple

picture-20WeatherFinder, discovered via a share on the always awesome HackerNews, makes checking on the weather slick and simple.

Despite the .info domain, you’ll be happy to know the site is designed elegantly and does its job (almost) perfectly.

So how does it work, simply visit the site, WeatherFinder will automatically detect your location and give you details of the current temperature, a 4 day forecast, comments from other users and an option to search for the weather in other locations. Frankly, as someone who just wants to know what the weathers like and not much more, I wouldn’t want any more details.


Now, why is it only almost perfect? Well firstly, I’m in London, WeatherFinder thought I was in Manchester – not really its fault, but it desperately needs a way to change the city to another default location (DONE! See comments). Other than that, there really isn’t all that much I’d like to see changed – aside from maybe an image or two to brighten up the UI a little. :)

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