Unboxing the Palm Pre

Unboxing the Palm Pre

The Palm Pre, regularly described as ‘The iPhone killer’, isn’t officially available until June 7 but we did find the ‘unboxing video’ of this exciting new device.

What we can conclude from watching this video:

– The device looks cool
– Either her hands are really small or the Palm Pre is really big
– The packaging is nicer then most gadget’s but not as cool as Apple’s packaging
– This could very well be a fake unboxing video
– There are Palm Pre’s out there!

What we already knew:

– Multi tasking is possible
– Completely new user interface
– Integration between Browser and other apps
– Combined messaging (Chats, Emails, Texts are all linked to one person)
– Will charge wirelessly (sort of)
– Supposed to ‘save’ Palm from deadpool

Enjoy the unboxing video:

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