We are under attack!

We are under attack!

Could it be that we pissed off someone somewhere recently on this blog? It certainly seems so.

In the last 2 days Zee’s email accounts and my Twitter account have been hacked. Zee is still working on fixing his stuff.

I was able to change my Twitter password pretty fast and take back control over the account. Unfortunately the hackers haven’t given up. This is what Twitter told me this morning:

Looks like your account was compromised and then suspended. I show multiple login attempts.

After that I received a new password (64 character hexadecimal) which won’t be easy to guess. But you can imagine my surprise when I logged into Twitter yesterday evening and saw this:

My Twitter account is suspended?

Unfortunately Zee is still locked out of some of his emailaccounts. I hope the damage stays limited to Twitter and email but if you see something out of the ordinary here at The Next Web blog do let us know.

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