New Friendfeed officially launches

New Friendfeed officially launches


Friendfeed’s co-founder Bret Taylor has officially launched the new Friendfeed at There’s been a fair bit of controversy over the new release, particular on the UI front, but overall the feedback has been positive.

So what’s new?

A fair bit actually. Most significantly, the new UI and a focus on real time notifications. Friendfeed have also introduced more complex search features and the ability to save these providing an awesome way to filter content shared.

Friendfeed have also provided a space to enter profile info into your Friendfeed profile, an enhanced reshare option, keyboard shortcuts and more.


Whilst the new Friendfeed has been available to all via, Friendfeed by Email is a brand new feature released just today.

Taylor explains:

Post new items to your FriendFeed by emailing [email protected]. You can post to groups by emailing, and you can direct message your friends by

You can also choose to get your FriendFeed posts and comments delivered directly to your email inbox (see your email preferences), and even comment on entries simply by replying to messages.

While we’ve been testing this new feature, we’ve used FriendFeed groups to completely replace all our internal mailing lists. And we’ve loved it! It’s been easier to share screenshots and links, and we’ve loved being able to post and respond to all entries from the comfort of our email inboxes. Try it for yourself instead of a mailing list.

There’s bound to be plenty of neat new features even we have yet to discover so for now, we recommend visiting to check it out and read the new FAQ’s.

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