Next Web 2009 Research Highlights

Next Web 2009 Research Highlights

Ruigrok | NetPanel, research partner of The Next Web, conducts online research to measure webusage of consumers. Every year, results are compared to the year before to discover or uncover trends on the usage of the web. What kind of websites and applications do we use, in an active or more passive way? How active are we on online networks and mobile internet?

And, with all of our personal information we leave on the web, how do we think and act on behalf of our ‘online identity’? How do we spend and earn money online? And how do we feel about the usability of websites in general? And more..

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The complete report of The Next Web 2009 will be available online (in Dutch) by the end of April. This report will contain target groups (women verses men, young versus old etcetera).

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