Jeff Jarvis: Googlize or die.

Jeff Jarvis: Googlize or die.

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Jeff Jarvis, journalist, critic, author and blogger gave a fascinating presentation based upon his new book titled “What would Google do?”.

Try not to let assumptions get the better of how you however, because the book itself is not about Google but rather the part we all play within this new era and how we can learn a great deal from Google.

Jarvis stresses that whilst Google isn’t the be all end all, it is however the closest comparison we have to how businesses and individuals alike can succeed. Jarvis eloquently presents examples of how we can relate Google to businesses in virtually every sector – online and off – “Googlize” them so to speak.

Jarvis stresses the importance of how companies should aim to provide a platform for other businesses rather than creating a business within itself. Also, with particular reference to the use of Twitter and alike, he emphasises the importance of openness, feedback and the sharing of needs and desires. Today is a world where customers can voice their opinions, where companies have to listen and where niches – in contrast to mass market – thrive.

Jarvis’ book has already been positively received and is available to buy via Amazon today.

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