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TNW Conference Schedule: Powered by simple social is a scocial scheduling web app that #tnw is using for thenextweb 2009 conference. Beside having the full schedule online, visitors will be able to view the mobile schedule at Having this digitalized and dynamic schedule gives event organizers more flexibility in making last minute adjustments,  and communicating this to the visitors. Users can have all the information on one page and easily find where the different events of the conference are on the map and at which times they start and end.

Users can make an account with their social information and make a planning of which presentations or activities they are going to attend at the event, conference or festival. This is specially usefull when you have a conference with multiple events happening at the same time in different locations. The social part also allows the user to find the schedules of others and know which events they will be attending.

Color codes for the diffrent type of category events allow for easy browing and the social function make it possible to browse the most popular speakers. There are many ways to browse the events: by location, company, category and more.

The back-end structure of Sched is amazingly easy to use, within a very short time you get the hang of it and start updating the website by entering the data into an Excel sheet or Google Spreadsheet. There are many fields you can fill with information about the speaker, location, description and more custom fields. With one click you can push the update and see the results in your browser or on your iPhone. Location descriptions are clickable and will show the location on Google maps. offers a great iPhone compatible layout seen in the pictures below.

I see many more possibilities for Sched in the future, but for now it’s already a great web app with superb functionality. A must-have for your tech event.

Mobile Agenda The Next Web Conference 2009:

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