Facebook breaks the 200 Million Mark.

Facebook breaks the 200 Million Mark.

435289703_7b67614472Facebook today broke a major milestone with their signing of their 200 millionth user. With growth at a staggering rate of near a million users a day, it’s not surprising this day came so soon.

In a blog post, CEO Mark Zuckerberg shares his thoughts and emotions, with particular reference to political and humanitarian actions that Facebook has been used for. He also highlights the directional change of Facebook, aiming now to not only lay out your social graph but the social graph of companies, presidents, organisations and brands.

To mark the achievement, Facebook have created a page where users can share stories of how Facebook has made a mark on your lives, whether individually or as part of a large of a community. The social network have also added a number of  ‘gifts’ to their gift shop, all profits of which will go to one of 16 selected charities.

Whatever your opinions on Facebook may be, and irrespective of how infuriating their recent alterations are, Facebook is where it is for a reason. Personally, it has unquestionably brought me closer to Friends I’d almost lost, family closer together, bbusiness to my company and enhanced my personal communication standards above anything I’ve ever had before, and – at least for the moment -all for free.

Facebook, we salute you.

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