Last night I cheated on Tweetdeck and I liked it.

Last night I cheated on Tweetdeck and I liked it.

picture-103Like many of you reading this I’m sure, Tweetdeck has gradually stolen your heart and become your Twitter client of choice. Despite the chunkyness, it’s Tweetdeck’s groups, slick UI and scope of integrations that makes most of us choose Tweetdeck above the mass of other clients available today.

Late yesterday, with a hat tip to Frederic at ReadWriteWeb, I abandoned Tweetdeck for a slick, simple, native OSX (sorry I’m a PC-ers), similar-to-tweetdeck-but-better client called Nambu.

Although still a preview release, whilst testing it, I constantly questioned why Twitter hadn’t already been buzzing with recommendations for it. Today, I aim to change that.


So why have I fallen so hard for another Nambu?

Aside from all the necessaries; retweeting, Primarily, it gives me groups, “but so does Tweetdeck” you say, true but thankfully Nambu makes the entire process MUCH easier. Whether it’s creating them or adding people to them, groups works wonderfully.

Secondly, it’s fast, no long delays or computer freezes when loading the app – making for a much more pleasant user experience overall. Thirdly it’s native OSX, as wonderful AIR has been to us, native is native.

The UI is not just clean and slick, but awesomely usable – everything feels as though it’s exactly where it should be. Multiple views, whether you prefer the deck like appearance of Tweetdeck or the single column of Twitterific, Nambu accommodates for all with three superb view options.

Finally, and most excitingly, it’ a preview release and Nambu is just getting started…A flood of awesome integrations are just around the corner. Friendfeed and Facebook integration are coming very soon. Improved notification options are coming, via Growl I might add. Synchronizing between Mac and iPhone apps appears to be under review.

Simply said, if you’re a Mac user, and a devoted Tweetdeck fan, it may be time for a change.


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