Mobile Dev Camp at the Next Web Conference

Mobile Dev Camp at the Next Web Conference

As you know, the Next Web Conference is next week in Amsterdam and there are a lot of cool things going on. To complement the main days (April 16 & 17), there will be three smaller events on the first day: Mobile Dev Camp, Music & Bits and The Current Web. On April 15 Mobile Dev Camp is teaming up with Music & Bits to talk about the future of music and mobile in the heart of the city at Spaces (Herengracht 124-128). While each event will have its own track, we’re taking care to schedule things so you can combine the two events.

This Mobile Dev Camp will be a BarCamp-style unconference, which means that you the attendees create the schedule. Want to host a discussion, run a workshop, demo your product or even just sit in the corner and code – you’re welcome to do it all! As with all Mobile Dev Camps the main goal is to bring together developers and, ultimately, create new mobile applications. To give you some added encouragement, Forum Nokia is sponsoring the Hackathon and giving away some Nokia 5800 XpressMusic devices for the best Web Runtime widgets. Vodafone and The Next Web are also essential sponsors.

Next Web Conference ticket holders get priority signup to the event, though we will open once the signups to everybody soon. We only have a limited amount of space, so watch your inbox in the next few days for the signup and be sure to sign up quickly!

For more information please check out the Mobile Dev Camp site.

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