Why Toodledo is the most underrated task management system out there

Why Toodledo is the most underrated task management system out there

logo_bigI’m a task management addict. I have spent far too much time in the past testing various systems and methods to help me supposedly ‘get things done’.

Most recently, I have switched (almost weekly) between Todoist.com, Things (mac app) and Omnifocus (mac app) until, that is, I decided to give Toodledo one more try.

See, I tried Toodledo out years ago (yep, it’s been around for a while), and I must admit I don’t quite remember why I left. This time however, after trying out virtually every task management app out there (both online and offline) I believe Toodledo is where my tasks belong.


We all have our own methodologies and systems, each with our own ways to ensure we get as much done as possible. Toodledo, despite it’s almost Disney-like name,is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate for all and allows you to make your todo list as simple or as sophisticated as you like.

No matter how you organise your list, whether you prefer tasks and sub-tasks, goals and folders, projects and contexts – it’s almost irrelevant, the app can (easily) be adapted to however you like to work. Toodledo also features repeat tasks, notes, keyboard shorcuts, priority, time estimates and time tracking.

Sharing and collaboration is another often forgotten feature of the app. It provides more than enough functionality to allow you to share your to-do lists with whomever and have complete control over who has permission to read or modify each list.

The app is also snappy (as in fast) as any todo list app should be. You shouldn’t feel you have to ‘load’ anything, it should just always be there…This, along with Toodledo’s keyboard shortcuts makes the app a breeze to use.

Search and Ordering


One of the most impressive features of Toodledo is it’s search functionality, equalling if not bettering Remember the Milk’s. With an array of options and saved searches, you’ll probably find yourself using your saved searches section of the tool more than anywhere else. One of the more frustrating aspects of many other task management apps I’ve tried is ‘ordering’, most simply don’t provide enough ways to order my todo list – Toodledo does. Without going into too much detail, you can essentially order by date, priority, importance (a combo of date & importance), flagged/not flagged, goal, context and many many more…


Toodledo provides more ways to access your todo list than any other tool I have come across. With a local iPhone app, Google Calendar integration, iGoogle gadget, Firefox extension, Twitter Support (which brings a flood of options), a very cool printing booklet and various desktop tools – there really isn’t any getting away from everything you need to do.

The iPhone app I should add, is awesome.

I could go on…

I honestly could. The plethora of customization and functionality options Toodledo provides is outstanding and to my surprise (after asking in the Friendfeed Apps Room) – it isn’t up there with the most popular of task management applications.


6448_afterIf there’s one criticism, it’s the UI. Although it does well to include all the various details and ordering ordering options, visually, the app needs a revamp.

Fortunately however, there’s a wonderful userscript that enhances the entire interface (see right). Otherwise, I can’t give this app enough credit. Impressive.

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