Spread the word, get votes, win a spot on stage!

Spread the word, get votes, win a spot on stage!

The jury selected 20 startups out of 200 submissions to present during The Next Web Conference (to be announced) and last Tuesday we decided to give start-ups who wanted to earn their spot onstage at the conference a second chance. We gave them 2 days to post a YouTube movie with their pitch.

We received 15 pitches (included here) which now all have a chance to appear at The Next Web Conference 2009 and pitch their start-up to an audience of 900 Internet professionals. The 3 startups with the most votes will win (cheating in any way will lead to elimination from this competition)

Vote via the voting poll AND/OR via Twitter:
So now it is up to you. Who do YOU want to see onstage? Who deserves this unique opportunity? You can vote via the poll on the right here AND double your vote by also tweeting @thenextweb I want to see #NameStartup on stage during The Next Web Rising Sun Startup Rally #startupvote
Go for it!

Embed this poll on your own blog or website (copy the code below):

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=http://twittercounter.com/twittervote/?startup=NameStartup ></script>

The voting closes on Wednesday at noon CET.

The video Pitches (in no particular order):

Vote for Symbolya

Vote for ThanksBud

Vote for Favorfly

Vote for Ipoki

Vote for Yiid

Vote for Pixengo

Vote for Yubby

Vote for sfeed

Vote for Kimengi

Vote for Babylolly

Vote for Coachr

Vote for Visuland

Vote for Mikestar

Vote for Citisins

Vote for Viddix

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