Dial2Do. If you’re not using this already, stop what you’re doing and signup.

Dial2Do. If you’re not using this already, stop what you’re doing and signup.

picture-392Dial2Do lets you call a given phone number , leave a message that then gets transcribed to text and sent to your favorite web services. It’s not often I start reviews with such bold statements, but this product well and truly deserves it – Dial2Do is wonderful.

I was one of many who were saddened to learn Jott, a similar service launched in 2006, was only being made available to US users. That being so, I promptly tuned out all news and discussion about the service. Not long after, I stumbled upon a similar service called ‘Dial2Do’, interestingly the product appeared to be free and available in over 24 countries . Upon testing the service, I was delighted to find it worked as described – possibly better.

At the time, despite my excitement, the one major limitation was the lack of services Dial2Do integrated with. However, upon revisiting the service yesterday, I was delighted to see integration with over 40 different web services including; Google Calendar, Twitter, Toodledo, Ping.fm and many others.


The service can also send email and text messages on your behalf, simply enter the details of your favorite contacts and writing messages may soon be a thing of the past.

There’s more. Dial2Do can also read stories from your favorite websites as well as your RSS feeds – so wherever you are, news is literally a phone call away.

Despite the number of integrations and features, the beauty of the service lies in it’s ease of use and quality of transcription. Dial2Do have done a splendid job at making setup and actual phone call procedure, a breeze. If there’s one gadget most individuals own nowadays, it’s a phone, and with transcription quality and set up so easy my mother could do it – I simply can’t understand why anyone isn’t using this.

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