Shapeways just got a whole lot easier

Shapeways just got a whole lot easier

photos_photo1862Remember Shapeways, the awesome Dutch company that introduced us to fabricate 3D items really easy? They improved their service last week.

Since our last post, Shapeways made their services amazingly easier. Check out their latest service called “photoshaper”, a tool that prints your photo’s in 3d. 3d modelling skills are not required anymore.

Also, one can make nifty napking ring poems, with the ringpoem maker. Choose a font and Shapeways will do the rest. Excellent for that special event (marriage, conference whatever), these rings are about $50.

Granted, creating custom mousepads, tshirts or photoalbums can be fun for the family, but Shapeways offers an online service to create your own objects, how cool is that?!

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