You can now install ALL iPhone apps with NO Jailbreak Required.

You can now install ALL iPhone apps with NO Jailbreak Required.


We are still waiting for confirmation as to whether you can install apps without jailbreaking or not. The App website says that you CAN and I’ve tried it personally myself, on my jailbroken iPhone, and all seems to work…but I’m on the lookout for someone with a non-jailbroken phone to confirm. Please leave a comment below if you have managed to.


News just in via Macworld that Ripdev’s has released InstallerApp, an app that will now allow you to install ALL iPhone apps, (i.e. not only appstore apps) without needing to jailbreak your phone ,  via an iTunes like interace.

The app is an OS X application (windows on the way) that allows you to download iPhone apps directly onto your iPhone from your computer. InstallerApp comes with software called “Pusher” that can install onto your iPhone letting you use the AppStore and InstallerApp simultaneously.

InstallerApp only supports first gen iPhones and iPhone 3G, iPod touch is not available. You will also need a Mac with an Intel processor running OS X 105 Leopard or higher.

There is a free version of the app that lets you install only onto your iPhone but you wont be able to install any other apps afterwards. Odd, I know but the idea is to let you see that it does actually work I suppose.

The full version of the app is $7 and lets you sync up to three iPhones, with access to updates and email support for a year.

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