All good things come to those who wait 230 days

All good things come to those who wait 230 days

On August 6, 2008, exactly 230 days ago, I stumbled upon a cute little project called WillDrawAnything. The site promises that its owner “Will Draw Anything For $2”. Always in for an experiment I paid the $2 expecting a cartoon within a few days. Unfortunately, or luckily, the site became popular pretty soon resulting in a backlog of, well, over 200 days.

The rules of WillDrawAnything are pretty simple: you pay $2 via paypal and supply a sentence, title or subject (no x-rated content). The cartoonist, DJ Coffman, will make you a 72 DPI cartoon based on the information you supply.

This is what i got:

Not bad for $2 right? My only wish would be that mr Coffman will increase the price to a reasonable $10 and cut down the time to 2 or three days. If he could do that I wouldn’t mind ordering a cartoon a week to use here on the blog or in our newsletter. But sometimes you gotta take the web as it is offered to you.

For now, go to and order your own cartoon so you can have it by November 8, 2009.

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