GMail adds “Undo Send”. No more regretful emails.

GMail adds “Undo Send”. No more regretful emails.

Just yesterday Google added functionality to GMail labs to let you view YouTube videos, Flickr images and a whole lot more from within your email messages. Now, another new feature and this is genuinely one of a kind – Undo Send.

Undo Send essentially does just that, lets you undo an email you have just sent.


By enabling Undo Send in GMail Labs in Settings, you’ll see an “undo” option available above every message you send. Clicking on the “undo” option will of course ensure the intended recipient never receives the email and might just save your life.

How does it work?

Well the “Undo” option only appears for five seconds – just enough time to retract all those awful things you just said. :) Clever Google, clever.

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