Wuala merges with external storage company Lacie

Wuala merges with external storage company Lacie

wuala-logoInnovative online storage and file sharing service Wuala has some big news today. The Swiss company are ‘merging’ their online backup service with established French external storage device company LaCie.

Dominik Grolimund, Wuala’s CEO and co-founder says

“We’re very proud to announce that we join forces with LaCie. This is a major leap forward for Wuala and will bring us to the next level. LaCie is the perfect match for us.”

Wuala launched publicly in August of last year and gained impressive press coverage and popularity amongst users and analysts alike – we covered the company here and interviewed Grolimund here. The nine members of Wuala’s development will remain with the company but will also be joined by a team of LaCie staff, all working towards enhancing product offerings.

“This merge has allowed us to acquire a very innovative online storage solution that will transform our company from a leading hardware manufacturer to a comprehensive digital storage provider,” said Philippe Spruch, founder and CEO of LaCie.

Grolimund makes clear that there will be absolutely no changes to Wuala as a product, all current and future users will only benefit from the merger. A list of FAQ’s have been provided for any current users concerned about potential changes.

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