Where In The World Is Arjen’s Laptop?

Where In The World Is Arjen’s Laptop?

Arjen and Patrick and currently visiting SXSW and they are having a great time. If you ask me they are having a too good time there. All I hear about is parties, drinking and fun. What about work?

Well, seems someone slammed the lid on their partying. Yesterday evening (at the totally rad show vip Digg party at the ‘pure volume’) Arjen lost his laptop bag.

If you have seen a black and grey Targus Max bag with a MacBook 13″ including adaptor, businesscards for ConfNetwork and a bottle of sunscreen please let us know.

And help us spread the word by Twittering this:

RT @patrick Who found @arjenschat his bag (and computer) at the #sxsw #trs #digg party?

Click that link to tweet it and help us get Arjen’s bag back!

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