Tweetdeck Gets Facebook Integration

Tweetdeck Gets Facebook Integration

tweet_deckTwitter’s number one desktop client Tweetdeck has taken it’s first steps into incorporating Facebook!

With the latest update, you can post updates to Facebook (why not just integration?) but also receive status updates from Facebook friends in a separate column.

One particularly interesting feature is the ability to detect when a Facebook friend is online. A green dot will show they are and should you wish to chat with them, simply click their name and a chat pop up window will load.


Tweetdeck developer Iain Dodsworth is keen to point out this is the very first and early step to integrating Facecbook into Tweetdeck…

“there’s a huge amount more to come.”

The update will be made automatically available over the next few days but if you’re really keen you can download the app here.

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