Inquisitor, The Safari Search Plugin, Available for the iPhone. Slick as Ever.

Inquisitor, The Safari Search Plugin, Available for the iPhone. Slick as Ever.

Inquisitor is a Safari/Firefox search plugin which offers a really slick search method via your search field in the top right corner of your browser. The plugin was created by Mac app developer David Watanabe and sold to Yahoo early last year.

The Yahoo acquisition hasn’t stopped Watanabe from developing a similar search facility for the iPhone and today, it is available for all via the app store.

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So how good is it?

Firstly, it’s as beautiful as all of Watanabe’s apps, fitted with an expectedly gorgeous UI and simply wonderful to look at. The app features an integrated news section at the top of the list (if you scroll down) and to clear the search, you simply shake the phone. Previous search results are available too so they’re not lost after a quick shake.

The app has it’s limitations however. Firstly, it isn’t technically “search as you type” but rather search suggestions after you’ve clicked search. Secondly, the results appear to be Yahoo’s with no options to change. Thirdly, as awesome Apple blog Smoking Apples points out, you can’t open links in Safari – rather you need to search all over again to get the URL you’re looking for.

The great news is that the app is available for free at the app store, unfortunately if you’re based in the UK it’s not available to you (yet).

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