Omni Group Gives Away Four Applications for Free

Omni Group Gives Away Four Applications for Free

picture-173Omnigroup have taken steps to release a number of their previously priced applications for free.

The applications include; browser Omniweb, effects tool OmniDazzle, hard drive clean up tool OmniDiskSweeper and mac developer tool OmniObjectMeter.

CEO Ken Case announced the news in a press release saying:

“As a small company with limited resources, we have had to make some  difficult decisions about where to focus our attention as our business continues to grow. By making  these applications — which are not currently under active development  — available as free downloads, we hope that more people are able to  enjoy using them without the barrier of cost.”

The most interesting application of the bunch to the average consumer will be OmniWeb, a relatively powerful browser with some unique built-in features such as an ad-blocker and workspaces.

Personally, I feel it’s a step in the right direction for the company who have a fleet of wonderful products to focus on. With the release of task manager Omnifocus, a recently updated OmniOutliner, awesome diagramming app OmniGraffle and highly impressive planning app OmniPlan – it’s clear they have a lot on their plate.

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