Networking in the scene: London, here we come

Networking in the scene: London, here we come

We love to meet entrepreneurs, startups and other web influentials around the globe. Last year we went to several cities during our Open Office Road Trip to get to know the local startups better. This year we’re visiting many places again to mingle in the startup scene.

Why we like to meet as many startups as possible:
1. for (future) content on this blog. We like to cover the companies and the people behind them.
2. to spread some The Next Web love
3. to inform about the opportunities our conference has for international oriented startups (check: Rising Sun Startup Rally)
4. to get a pulse of what is happening in the different European startup hubs
5. to make introductions between people and companies across Europe
6. because it is fun.

drinktankLast week I was having fun with Mike Butcher in Barcelona. I asked him which local event I should visit. He advised me to go to DrinkTank in London tomorrow.
DrinkTank is an invite-only event for members of the tech community in London (no consultants allowed). There’s no demos, no ‘educational’ talks and no hard sales. Just high quality attendees and a relaxed atmosphere, organized by the guys behind I mailed the organizers and booked the cheapest flight out there. Some 130 entrepreneurs are meeting there and I’m one of them.

I believe that high quality events form a very important role for the tech scene across Europe. The European tech scene is getting more and more professional, we’re building more and more great services. First class events (Le Web, SIME, The Next Web, Plugg, but also for instance DrinkTank) play a big role when it comes to making new contacts, finding new investment opportunities and getting deals done.
I’m looking forward to meet interesting companies from the UK tomorrow. If you want to meet me, feel free to get in contact via twitter

More cities will follow in the next month. If you know of a must attend event in your city, feel free to add it in the comments. If it fits our schedule and worthwhile visiting you might meet us there.

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