Spinvox (speech to text) announces launch of API

Spinvox (speech to text) announces launch of API

Spinvox James and PatrickAt the Mobile World Congress I bumped into James Whatley, the web guru of Spinvox. I thought it would be a nice idea to post the news about releasing their API by using their own service, so James called into Spinvox and said the following words which were automatically translated to text in his (and my inbox).
This is how it came out, I must say that it is almost perfect translated (apart from the ATI, which should be API :) ).

“Hello guys my name is James Watley and I’m standing here with Patrick from the next web. He’s asked me to dial in a blog post for him, and so he can show you guys how great SpinVox is by actually using it. Some big things we got to announce is the release of SpinVox Create with is the SpinVox ATI which can be found at www.spinvox.com/developer. And that will give you all the details you need about SpinVox ATI. Mobile World Congress is pretty cool. Barcelona is warm for February which isn’t too bad and Patrick is distracted by all the nice booth babes that just walked by. Come on Patrick, stay focused we’re blogging here”

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