The Second Google Phone is Announced. Touchscreen No Keyboard.

The Second Google Phone is Announced. Touchscreen No Keyboard.

_45484911_magic_3vcopyHTC have just announced the launch of the second phone with Google’s mobile operating system Android.

“The Magic” goes head to head with the iPhone with it’s large touch screen display. It has also drastically improved in size and weight in comparison to the G1, measuring 113 x 55 x13.65mm and a weight of 118g. The display’s resolution 480 x 320 and 3.2in display matches the previous model, however of course this new model includes a touch screen.

In terms of connectivity, The Magic supports wifi and bluetooth 2.0 as well as GPS to support the wonderful Google Maps app included in the Android. The camera is an improvement over the iPhone with 3.2 megapixels, however nothing on some of the other camera phones out there.

The most interesting aspect of the new phone is the lack of keyboard which puts it directly in competition with Apple’s iPhone functionality. Earlier this week there were murmurs regarding Apple’ request to Google to not release a multitouch handset, plus interestingly Apple recently confirmed a patent for their multi touch technology. This leaves us curious as to precisely how well the new Google mobile’s touch screen functionality works and whether Google have managed to up their rivals with their own take on touch screen technology. 

The phone will be on sale in April.

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