Full Featured Google Analytics App Released for the iPhone

Full Featured Google Analytics App Released for the iPhone

picture-7Analytics App“, a full featured Google Analytics app has just been released for the iPhone and it’s a long time due.

The application is both well designed and stocked with the features we would all expect from the Google Analytics web interface. With support for multiple accounts, 29 stat reports available, the ability to create your own custom stat reports, as well as cleanly designed graph analysis – you shouldn’t be hard pressed to find the information you’re looking for. A welcome addition to the iPhone app is a “today” view which is clearly where you’re likely to be pointing your index finger all too often.

There have been previous attempts at providing Google Analytics data via your iPhone before. MyAnalytics (itunes link) and Analytics Pro (itunes link) have both have taken stabs at the task, however it is Analytics App which takes the crown and glory  (for now at least) with ease of use, design and features.

You can visit the site here or download the app here (itunes link)

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