Google Earth’s New Release is Unbelievable.

Google Earth’s New Release is Unbelievable.

picture-21I’m not exaggerating.

This latest release brings the ocean depths, historical changes, narratable tours and the ability to have a wonder around Mars – if that isn’t impressive, I’m not quite what sure what is. Let’s get on…

Historical Changes

You are now able to track changes of a place over time and visually witness the modifications of a particular location over time. We’re not talking just a year or two, it’s feasible to track changes from decades earlier.


Oceanic Tours

You are now also able to delve into the ocean and view the ocean floor in 3D, exploring the “nooks and crannies’ of the world below. Thanks to Google’s work alongside the National Geographic, National Oceanic, the US Navy amongst others, Google Earth now includes videos and images of ocean life, expedition logs as well as many other features.


The new touring feature allows for anyone to create visual and narrated tours of any location on the planet by simply clicking a record button on the Google Earth toolbar – all your actions are recorded and can be played back and/or shared.

You would think that would be all, but not for a release which officially bumps Google Earth from version 4.3 to 5.0.

Welcome to Mars.

The final large new feature is 3D Mars which, thanks to a collaborative effort with Nasa, makes it possible to access a 3D map of the wondrous planet all within one click of a toolbar icon. The tour of Mars includes high-resolution imagery, 3D terrain and annotations showing precise landing sites…as well as many other impressive features.

Enough chit-chat, download the new app here and watch the video below whilst you wait!

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