The Day Google Broke.

The Day Google Broke.


For a few minutes today, Google Search was broken and at the time of writing this, it still is. Sure you can still search but something isn’t quite right…every site seems to have a notification that it may harm your computer.

Clicking on the link takes you to a Google support page which is naturally very slow at the moment.

A twitter hash tag #googmayharm has been created which will give you a good idea as to the Twitter worlds reaction

All is not right with the world when even Google Search breaks.


At 15:14 GMT, every returned to normal.

**Update 2**

We are getting reports that Gmail is sending good email through to spam folders. Whether this is an aftermath of todays Google Search bug we’re not sure, but Google feels on the blink at the moment.


**Update 3**

Marissa Mayer has just posted an update regarding the incident. Apparently, human error was the cause.


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