“A Kindle For Every Student!” Vote!

“A Kindle For Every Student!” Vote!

caadicsngcauwhagpieeikt4ankbfhgmyfidfvzoosq0pbwv2b-9iumuighxkgz4foir_xeog-tmrprlrsqt2cdzgemmse7br3ugebiugjfh4rklqpfr5btbgoqr8lo25efIn Greece the government pays for 99% of students’ textbooks which as you can imagine is no small cost. Well, in the video (below) Greek opposition leader George Papandreou recommends all students be given a sum of money each to purchase a Kindle (or like device) to replace the typical textbooks that students are given and the government spends a fortune on.

As John Aravosis from AmericaBlog points out, there is the issue of getting rights to the books required, as well as the costs involved in converting old books into digital format. Also, the cost of replacement should  the child lose/break the Kindle is worthwhile considering, because lets face it, 5/10 kids are likely to have theirs lost.

Nevertheless, that aside, will ebooks lead to the death of textbooks?

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