Jonathan Ross Announces Twitter to Millions of the UK’s Mainstream

Jonathan Ross Announces Twitter to Millions of the UK’s Mainstream

picture-211Tonight I was witness to the first mention of Twitter on prime time entertainment television here in the UK. “Twitter” said with remarkable familiarity by none other than UK televisions most popular talk show host Jonathan Ross.

The show featured the likes of comedian Lee Evans and actor Tom Cruise but it was Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry – both now avid users of the service – who announced the service to over 4 million TV viewers from across the UK.

I must admit, even though both Ross and Fry had commented on the fact that Twitter was going to be mentioned – part of me refused to believe it would make the cut…it definitely did. Ross even went as far as to ask both Cruise and Evans if they used the service – but the topic was changed before either were able to respond (of course, they don’t).

Now, the questions is – are we to expect a flood of new British users? Is a mention on prime time UK television going to be enough to bring in the UK masses? I’m going to try and contact Twitter to see if they can give me an idea as to how much interested the mention brought.


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