Obama and His Secretive New BarackBerry

Obama and His Secretive New BarackBerry

presidentobamaYes this photo has done the rounds, and you are likely to have heard the confirmation of the phone in his hands not actually being a Blackberry. So what exactly is it you ask? Unfortunately we’re still not certain, but there are a couple of good possibilities. What’s been confirmed? Well…

The White House have confirmed that President Obama will definitely keep a Blackberry-like Device during his time at the White House, however they are refusing to reveal exactly what the phone is.

The below report is CNN’s attempt at narrowing down the possibilities for, what we are calling, the OPhone BarackBerry (thanks John Craft). 

His reasons for demanding a smart phone/portable email device? To ensure he doesn’t get trapped in a bubble, detached from the outside world and of course to stay in touch with a few ‘select’ personal contacts.


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