Internet Audience Surpasses 1 billion in Dec. 08

Internet Audience Surpasses 1 billion in Dec. 08

8395382_f6ae20d648The Internet audience has quietly surpassed 1 billion visitors in December 2008, based on data from ComScore. Asia-Pacific Region Accounts for 41 Percent of Internet users and China Ranks as Largest Internet Population in the World. These rankings are estimations of home and work locations and are excluding PDA and Internet cafe’s.

“Surpassing one billion global users is a significant landmark in the history of the Internet,” said Magid Abraham, President and Chief Executive Officer, comScore, Inc. “It is a monument to the increasingly unified global community in which we live and reminds us that the world truly is becoming more flat. The second billion will be online before we know it, and the third billion will arrive even faster than that, until we have a truly global network of interconnected people and ideas that transcend borders and cultural boundaries.”

You can reach a billion people per month over the Internet, truly an amazing thought. In the top 10 online countries, we find Brazil as the first Latin America country. Africa is no where to be found. There are heaps of opportunities for local and foreign investors in this field. And I am not referring to the $100 computer. People in these developing countries should get inspired by the Bangladesh and Mongolian WiMax projects, providing cheap wireless Internet to the masses. To realize that Africa (One of the biggest continents on our planet) makeup only 5% of the total worldwide Internet audience is a thrilling thought. When those people are online, the Internet is truly a global network.

Total estimated visitors in december 2008

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