Twingly offers search for 6 microblogging services

Twingly offers search for 6 microblogging services

Twitter Search is great, especially when you know the tricks. But what if you happened to live in a country where another microblogging service also has a large following. Most readers from Scandinavian countries will recognize this, since Jaiku is still pretty big there. You don’t want to execute those complicated search queries on multiple search engines. Allround Swedish blog company Twingly launched a solution last night.

With their brand new search engine, you can search updates in Twitter, Jaiku,, (German), (Swedish) and the archives of long gone Pownce. “It’s therefore”, Twingly’s Anton Johansson writes, “we call it the first federated microblog search because our goal is to indexing all microblogs from all services”.

The engine experienced some slow downs right after their launch, but is working fine now. I love the clean design and the subtle logos of the different microblogging services. Here’s how it looks like when you have results from three different services:

For those who have an instant “Where’s FriendFeed?!” reflex, the integration is on its way.

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