On eve of his presidency, Obama started tweeting again

On eve of his presidency, Obama started tweeting again

Twitter _ Barack Obama: is asking you to honor Dr. ...Only a few hours to go till Obama can strike away the “elect” bit of his title. An important reason for why he came this far, is his excellent use of Web 2.0 technologies during his campaign.

On Twitter he has 144,000 followers, not to mention the thousands and thousands of admirers on Facebook and other social networks.

To my co-editor Boris’ disappointment (and probably many other’s), Obama stopped tweeting after his historical election. Ever since he won the elections on the 5th of November he stopped updating. So Boris started a Twitter campaign, which was quite a success. Have you seen this message as well?

Obama; was it all just to win the elections? « TheNextWeb.com

But now, at the eve of his presidency, Obama is back on Twitter. He asked you and me to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr by volunteering in our area. Let’s hope this Twitter strategy will be part of his presidency’s resolutions – if he gets to keep his Blackberry.

Anyhow, let’s encourage him by welcoming Obama back on Twitter. Send him the following message RIGHT NOW:

Clicking that link will produce this tweet:

@BarackObama, ask not what Twitter can do for you, but what you can do for Twitter! http://tinyurl.com/9yh3su

Update: Follow our little campagain live on Twitter Search.

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