Twitter wants a male twenty-something to follow “Thinking Moms”

Twitter wants a male twenty-something to follow “Thinking Moms”

My co-editor Boris has just sent me a line about a new Twitter feature. So far, no word on the corporate blog, so here are my two cents.

After introducing the Friend Finder a few weeks ago, Twitter takes it a step further by an attempt to make apps like followfinder redundant. The service suggests the following:

Maybe you’ve heard of these Twitter users? Select the people you’d like to start following.

I have no idea how they come the selection and honestly, the presented data sucks. Twitter advizes me to follow bots, events, an American celebrity and a group called MomLogic, “for thinking moms who don’t have time to think”. Well, uh, thanks!


According to ReadWriteWeb, this could be the basis of Twitter’s new business model. Companies could pay to wind up in the suggest list. Did all the funds of Momlogic to Twitter ads?

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