Sure, jailbreak your iPhone. But be prepared…

Sure, jailbreak your iPhone. But be prepared…

ReadWriteWeb wants you to jailbreak your iPhone. Since “a non-jailbroken phone is only half the phone it could be”. You’re missing out on recording video, directly uploading to YouTube, live streaming, zooming in with your camera, and themes. Yes, you’ll break your warranty agreement, but you can always format the iPhone and start all over again.

I can understand that your willing to follow the advice of Sarah Perez, the temptation is too big. But please make sure you rule out of one the greatest risks.

Flickr Photo Download: Shattered iPhone
Photo by the lovely iJustine

When you own a jailbroken iPhone, you can’t have anything to do with the iTunes store sync. Certainly not updating it via the infamous App Store. Unfortunately, after months of answering “yes” to every question Apple asks, you might click it without even noticing.

Start all over again

What you WILL notice, is that iTunes erases all your settings and files. There you go, an empty iPhone. What happens when you lose everything? You just start again, start all over again. There goes another hour of spare time.

Matias Tune Blocker - a better cable for your iPod or iPhoneIf you’re the kind of guy or gal who clicks yes too soon, buy the Tune Blocker. With the flip of a switch, the cable allows you to choose whether you want to simply charge your your iPod or iPhone, or sync it to your iTunes library as well.

Now you can safely hack that shiny iPhone of yours.

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