Gina Trapani, a legendary effective blogger steps down

Gina Trapani, a legendary effective blogger steps down

Gina Trapani and her new book on Flickr - Photo Sharing!Last night, editor in chief of Lifehackersixth blog of the world – Gina Trapani announced that she will pass the blog torch to editor Adam Pash:

After a wild and woolly four years at the helm, I’m stepping down from the site lead position to work on Some New Stuff on a day-to-day basis in 2009.

An ultra short bio

Trapani a a Sun-certified Java programmer and builds Firefox extensions and web sites. She has written two books about the Lifehacker philosophy and authored articles for Popular Science, Wired, Women’s Health, PC World and Macworld.

The Wall Street Journal Online wrote a piece about her and some of the world’s largest magazines couldn’t resist the temptation of mentioning her.

You just gotta love her GTD tips

The last couple of months, her Getting Things Done tips really improved the way I work blog. Therefore, I might as well share my two favorites – as they can be projected on other professions too. She has mentioned them in an interview with Michael A Banks for his book Blogging Heroes:

  • When you get stuck writing a post, step away from it for a while and work on something else.
  • If a feature doesn’t come along easily, it’s probably not the right topic for you to cover.

Another favorite is the interview she had with the king of eliminating work, Mr. Tim Ferriss.

Trapani told Ferriss that she rejects the super-structured, old school of time management thought. “As a “web worker,” by nature I embrace serendipity and tangents, and like to keep myself open to working on unexpected things that excite me, even if they’re not in the plan”, Trapani said. Read the rest of a summary I made on The Next Web.

Will she share her secrets for blogging?

Many people have wondered how Trapani is able to pump out so many posts as she does. Will she share those secrets a few months after she stepped down? Let’s hope so. It’s gonna turn the blogosphere into a GTD battlefield. Interesting…

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