Finally! Here’s Plainview, a full screen browser for the Mac

Finally! Here’s Plainview, a full screen browser for the Mac

When you’re a PC user, this post isn’t relevant for you. Why? Because your Firefox browser has a full-screen mode. Mac users though, could only dream of this feature.

If you’re a Mac user, you might have missed that your dreams came true last on June 2, 2008. That’s when the Barbarian Group launched Plainview – a full-screen web browser.

During BLOG08 – an international blog conference I organized last October -, moderator Patrick and I were searching for a way to show blogs full screen. We installed some add-ons, which did just one thing: making Firefox crash.

Plainview already existed. Should we have known better?

plainviewNo! We were not alone. A quick search on software tracker Wakoopa finds that only 13 early adopters have discovered Plainview. So I guess it’s safe to say that we’re gonna make a lot of people happy with this post.

Download Plainview (zip file), drag it to your dock, bookmark the sites you need for a presentation, and browse through them by hitting a hot key. And don’t forget to enjoy the experience you’ve waited for such a long time.

Extra tip for writers

If you’re a blogger, get a load of this: open your post editing screen in Plainview and avoid any possible computer-related distraction.

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