Shoppers Spend Christmas Taking Advantage of Online Discounts

Shoppers Spend Christmas Taking Advantage of Online Discounts

windowslivewriternewclothesinthemail-13da6buying-online-2In the UK, more than five million people are expected to have used the internet to catch early opening Christmas sales today.

Online retail group IMRG estimates more than £100m will be spent online, compared with £84m spent last year. It’s estimated 5.24 million people will have taken advantage of big discounts today, outnumbering church service visitors of approximately 4.5 million people.

Many high street stores have begun their sales on Christmas day including John Lewis and Marks & Spencer. With other high street stores offering sales of over 70% from early morning Boxing Day.

I personally feel it’s a sad case of affairs when people are choosing to spend this special day shopping for early bargains rather than spending quality time with family. However, it’s clear the economic climate has taken it’s toll and whether it’s Christmas Day, New Years Day or a birthday – people will sacrifice whatever is required to keep money in their pocket.

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