Create Short URL’s with Your Own Domain Name

Create Short URL’s with Your Own Domain Name

shorty-logoYou have probably noticed a rapid influx of URL shortening services over the last year – from to tinyURL and literally 50+ more. Well now you can create your own.

Shorty is a simple tool which provides a tinyURL-like service for your own domain. So, you can have a URL like and redirect to any URL on the web. What’s great is that it’s a piece of cake to set up and you can even track how many times each of your short URLs has been used.

5ThirtyOne gives a great run down of how to install the tool, and the wonderful MakeUseOf blog have an in depth review of the app too.


Robin Waulters of Plugg and Techcrunch has just recommended a service in the comments below which I hadn’t yet heard of.

The service is called Hover and by the looks of it, it offers a slicker and hosted service which you can also use your own domain for!

Thanks Robin.

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Shorty, Make Use Of, 5ThirtyOne

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