Easter Egg: Add snow to any photo on Flickr

Easter Egg: Add snow to any photo on Flickr

♬ ‘Tis the Season, fa la la la la, la la la laaa, for aster eggs on the web. ♫
♪ Fa la la la la visit Flickr, and la la la la la go to any photo. ♪
♬ Then add “?snow=1” to the end of the url. ♬
♫ Sit back and fa la la relax.. ♪




Faye is a dog on Flickr - Photo Sharing!And there is more! Add a note to a photo with the text “ho ho ho beard” or “ho ho ho hat” (no quotes) to add a re-sizable hat or beard to any photo.

Like Faye (my daughter) in this example.

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