If you HAD to pick one: sex OR internet?

If you HAD to pick one: sex OR internet?

Intel has just done a survey of adults in the United States and published the results under the title “Internet Reliance in Today’s Economy”. One thing they found out is that 46 percent of women and 30 percent of men would rather go without sex for two weeks instead of giving up access to the Internet.

This raises some questions. First: what is their definition of sex? My definition is very different than Clinton’s as you might remember. Semantics aside the result is hardly surprising. Two weeks months without sex is pretty normal for 90% 99% of our readers but 2 weeks without the web, well, that hasn’t happened to me since I first got online in 1996. Seriously.

Sex isn’t the only thing we would sacrifice though. Cable television, dining out, shopping for clothes and gym memberships are all less important to us than Internet access.

“The survey revealed that 65 percent of adults feel they cannot live without Internet access, and even more — 71 percent — responded that it is important or very important to have Internet-enabled devices, such as laptops, netbooks and mobile Internet devices that can provide them with real-time updates on important issues including the state of the economy.”

Who needs sex (with someone else) if you have the Internet? Check this out:

Found at the NYTimes.

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